Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Stainless steel fastener

Shree stainless bolt industries manufactures best quality of fastener which is considered as the best one in every field like automobiles, construction, manufacturing units and much more. We provide stainless steel fastener in several designs, sizes as per the requirements. The features of stainless steel fastener are screws, bolts, nuts, cable ties, washers, universal Z brackets, solar mounting hardware, etc. They possess an extraordinary life cycle and also it is 100% recyclable. One of the amazing facts about stainless steel fastener was they are resistant to extreme hot and cold temperature. Our stainless steel fastener is outfitted with several tests like hardness test, tensile testing, IGC test, etc.

The central part of Stainless steel is chromium, nickel, copper, tungsten and molybdenum.  To make fastener corrosion resistant, the oxide layer permits the fastener to self repair. Stainless steel appears with various unique advantages. Stainless steel is the most preferred fastener in the world because even if the scratch or other physical deformation damages the fastener, then it exposes the bare alloy on the damaged part. On this layer oxidation causes another layer of chromium oxide, which protects it from further corrosion. It is easily available in the shopping markets as well as in online. These materials offer an excellent durability that can be used in extreme temperature and under water. If you built any construction using stainless steel fastener and another using fastener made up of other material, then you can see the construction built using stainless steel fastener will look much better than the other one due to its anti-corrosion property.

We manufacture stainless steel fastener which includes stainless steel screws, hex bolts, hex nuts, Nyloc nuts, flange bolts and flange nuts, studs, washer, socket screws, etc. We provide this fastener in every size as per customer’s requirement. Fasteners are very important as each machinery, or components need this to hold together. This is primary components used in many sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing, automation, etc. The mainstream of stainless steel preserves to cut, welded, formed, machined and fabricated easily.

Uses of stainless steel fastener

  •  1   It is used in products that are exposed to saltwater, chemicals     or other corrosive surroundings
  •  2   In sanitary equipment's
  •  3  An apparatus that are used in extreme heat or cold temperature
  •  4  An apparatus that requires superior strength or stability
  •  5  High impact resistance

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